Weather condition of Rabongla in October.

The maximum temperature during October in Ravangla is 17° Celsius and the minimum is 12° Celsius.

Altitude - 7000 ft Please get warm cloths.

Makhim, Barfung, Rabongla,
South Sikkim,
26th - 28th October 2018.

3rd Phase for 400 Slots will open on 7th September 2018 at 12:00 Noon


Music & Entertainment

26th October

  • Cultural Programme
  • Hosting of flag & Cutting of cake
  • Bands

27th October

  • Sports Events 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
  • Moderators Meeting
  • Culture Programme
  • Bands

28th October - 3rd Final Day

  • Charity Ride - Tso - Tso Lake & Temi Tea Garden
  • Bands

Band List

26th October 2018

  • Her Illegal Practice
  • Damage Era
  • Still Waters

27th October 2018

  • Joe's Apartment
  • ILL Breed
  • Roll Heads
  • Meraki
  • Adams Apple

28th October 2018

  • NSPD
  • Tshering Linzum
  • Granite Yard
  • Crystal & the witches
  • Parikarma

Route Map

Siliguri, West Bengal

Rangpo, Sikkim

Rabongla, Sikkim

Motocult comes closer to you from

26th -28th October

Roads bending towards NERM with MOTOCULT

The path of life has only one Destination.
It is the journey that matters. The distances are measured in miles and silence, so lets come together and share our stories of wandering and discoveries. Sikkim the prond North Eastern State and the only brother welcomes its seven scintilating sisters Manipur, Meghalaya, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura into our hearts and hearth as we host the 10th edition of North East Riders Meet in Sikkim.
In its ilustrious history. Open Road Wanderers Motorcycle Club for the first time in hosting the North East riders meet in Sikkim. The humanity of humans are challenged and threatened in almost every aspects of our lives, and as we struggle to survive we forget to live.
The NREM 2018 will be celebrating the life force of the Himalayas, its wilderness and ethos of those who call it home, with hopes of promoting Brotherhood and Respect among all. We heartly welcome our Brothers and to ride on with your stories and memories, your Dreams and aspirations.
So join us and be one of us.


The logo of North East Riders Meet 2018 has been created with values that we North Eastern Riders hold very close to our Hearts. The burning flames represent the united passion and zeal for wanderlust crossing borders of land and Hearts.

We ride with Mission of social causes and message of Brotherhood and love, leaving a trail of goodwill and harmony.
The Wheel of life as we call it in the logo has eight spokes each symbolising one of the North Eastern States. Through culturally ans socially we are unique and proud of our distinctiveness, together we showcase the grandeur of our rich heritage as mountain folks, we are the regency of the mighty Himalayas, we carry the lineage of our great ancestors. Since time immemorial we have been proud clan thriving in the synergy of nature and culture.
This confluence of trinity between Men, Nature and Culture is symbolised in the three entities inside the inner circle of the wheel, thus the wheel of life stands for our united effort to move towards new horizons as one. The white silk scarf which has woven itself around the wheel is figurative of Peace, Love Mutual affection and hope for a better future which we all share as Brothers...


North East Riders Meet is an annual event of Royal Enfield riders of Northeast India. Every year
we gather in one of the NE states to
celebrate the RE brotherhood with the belief

'when we meet, we grow'